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  • Sep. 17 , 2018

    Welcome to our booth no.W4E78 in The 8th China Internaional Wire & Cable Trade Fair​!

  • Mar. 28 , 2018

    A few days before the Spring Festival, contract of the other 3 sets’ planetary closers with 3 cages

  • Oct. 20 , 2017

    At the end of September, company won the bidding of steel rope plant of ANSTEEL Group in the tubular

  • Recently, company received an order for 1 set of 18/700+18/700 bearing supported planetary closer wi

  • Oct. 20 , 2017

    In early September and mid-September, the team lead by company chairman visited several globally kno

  • Aug. 17 , 2017

    Lately, the company and the largest steel wire rope manufacturer in Europe (with an annual output of

  • Jun. 30 , 2017

    At the end of June, company participated in the tender of a tubular stranding machine worth of nearl

  • Jun. 22 , 2017

    In the last few days, company signed a contract of a planetary closing machine in tandem worth of ov

  • Jun. 06 , 2017

    Based on the potential business opportunities in the future along the "one belt and one road&qu

  • Jun. 01 , 2017

    Recently, company is approved by the superior departments to establish postdoctoral workstation, whi

  • Apr. 01 , 2017

    In this year, the company will participate in the INTERWIRE 2017 (to be held in America), and The In

  • Mar. 01 , 2017

    Recently, the company approved Ningbo municipal enterprise engineering technology center; Enterprise

  • Feb. 01 , 2017

    In February 2017, the five “Enterprise Craftsmen” were selected, among which, two are bench worker,

  • Jan. 01 , 2017

    In January, 2017, the company dispatched the document about decision to carry out the election activ


    We are ——

    Renowned Chinese manufacturer of steel wire rope strander & closer.

    We will be ——

    Renowned global manufacturer of steel wire rope strander & closer.

    We devote to ——

    Refining the tubular strander, strengthening the planetary closer and specializing in the steel wire rope strander & closer.Doing business, establishing reputation, and making friends.

    Chairman:Guanning Bao

    About us

    Ningbo Kaite Machinery Co., Ltd. (its former name Ninghai General Machinery Plant) was founded in 1952 and transformed in 2000 from state-owned enterprise to joint-stock private enterprise. We’re a prestigious professional manufacturer of steel wire rope strander & closer in China, and enjoy a certain reputation at abroad. In the last 65 years, we have nearly 45 years manufacturing experience and technology accumulation of steel wire rope strand & closer. We advocate craftsmanship, and have deep history.

    Currently, over 80% of domestic scale enterprises in the industry have our products, market share is over 60%. We export to global steel wire rope megacorporation in Germany, England, America, Japan, Canada, Belgium and India, etc.; and widely sold to other steel wire rope manufacturers in Europe, North & South America, and Southeast Asia, etc. Our product technology content and manufacturing process represent the domestic advanced, and some meet the global advanced. The company set multiple industrial and national standards.

    The max closer we manufactured can produce steel wire rope of Φ200mm. Max planetary closer we’ve made is 2000 type; max tubular closer we’ve made is 800 type; prototypes of multiple double twisting stranders are under development. Since 2005, accumulatively nearly 60 sets of planetary machines in over 30 models, and over 1100 sets of tubular machines in multiple models have been sold. The production capacity has formed to supply strander & closer for producing steel wire ropes with annual output of 150,000 – 200,000 tons.

    Company’s existing total assets is CNY130 million. It covers total area of 30,000㎡ and workshop area of 20,000 ㎡, 150 employees. We have over 100 sets of imported machine tools and various types of processing equipments. 4 workshops for working, plate welding, assembly and heat treatment. ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE certified.

    In the future, we will continue to focus on “refining the tubular strander, strengthening the planetary closer and specializing in the steel wire rope strander & closer’, and insist on continuous and never ending improvement, creating an internationally renowned professional manufacturer of steel wire rope strander & closer.

  • CE

  • ISO14001

  • ISO9001

  • Future factory(planning land area of 40000㎡, investment of 100 million, and annual output 10000 tons of steel wire rope strander & closer)